No TV Tonight, Just Television

Billboard brings us word that our favorite Canadian music collective, Broken Social Scene are a third of the way through recording the follow up to 2002's epic You Forgot It In People. With titles like "Handjobs for the Holidays" and "Ibi Dreams of Pavement" (Yes, this one's a tribute to the Pavement!) BSS continue to choose some great song titles.

According to BSS's Brendan Canning,the new material is much noisier and direct than its past efforts. "We do like to play loud rock music like bands we enjoy - Crazy Horse, Dinosaur Jr. and all that kind of stuff." Don't worry though, it won't be all sound and fury,as Canning admits the band still enjoys the atmospheric stuff too. That's good because my favorite tracks, "Anthems for A Seventeen Year Old Girl," "Lover's Spit," were in that "soft, swirly" vein.

The album will be out next Spring. In the meantime, you can catch BSS on the Lollapalooza 2004 tour.

Polly and her a new album

This being "rant day" I thought a post on one of my favorite ranters was in order. Yes, I'm talking about the caustic, but always sexy, ms. Polly Jean Harvey.

As you may or may not know, Polly has a new album, Uh Huh Her coming out June 8th in the U.S. Until May 31, you can hear lo-fi previews of the new tracks at She'll be putting up one new song per day until May 31st, which is a little frustrating. I want it all, now! Right now you can hear "The Life and Death of Mr Badmouth" and "Shame."

On that note, I've searched Soulseek for the new album and all I've found are looped previews. Island Records is doing a good job keeping this one under wraps. Anyways, if AM-radio quality streams or looped MP3s are not enough for you, check out the streaming videos for the first single, "The Letter" as well as Polly in her underwear in "Who the Fuck?" Yes, Polly in her skivvies. Go. Watch. Now.