2manyDJ's don't come through NYC too often

And when they do, I usually hear about it three days later. So when I heard they were spinning at the Tribeca Grand last night, I was there - Wednesday mornings be damned. No one's quite like them on the decks, always dropping surprises.

The party was a Super Tuesday event (seriously) run by Downtown for Democracy, a group looking to get the NYC creative community voting and involved in politics (read: getting W out of office). Cool kids, and some interesting ideas - including a suggestion that New Yorkers registered to vote elsewhere keep their out-of-state status. The Democrats already have New York locked up.

But anyway, the music was the focus and it was stellar as expected. The Soulwax boys were tag-teaming with James F#@!ing Friedman and some others, dropping funky indie/electro throughout the night. It wasn't quite as heavy on the mash-ups and jawdroppers as usual for them, but excellent nonetheless. Saw Gabe and Matty from the Rapture getting down on the dancefloor, and Moby was sighted as well.

Highlights included a banging remix of Air's "Cherry Blossom Girl", an Akufen tune whose name escapes me, and - best of all - Daft Punk's glorious "Crescendolls" all chopped up on the mixer. I came to my senses around 1:30 and went home, but things were still going strong....

Two cups of coffee this morning.