Why I'm a big fan of lists?

I loved High Fidelity, the novel especially because of its list obsession. I paid through the nasal to subscribe to Billboard magazine, just to satisfy my list urge. With that in mind, today I fly off to Arizona for a week-long vacation and I've put together a little "Arizona" list.

I grew up in Tucson, which has never had much of a music scene. I've been out of the scene for awhile, but back in the early '90's there were only a couple good clubs, notably Club Congress and a few good bands, such as Giant Sand. Admittedly I'm pretty ignorant about what's going on there now. The only Tucson band I know is Calexico, whom I like quite a bit. If anyone reads this from Tucson and wants to help my lack of knowledge, please do so.

Anyhow, I'm rambling. Here's the list:

Public Enemy - "By the Time I Get To Arizona": I saw Public Enemy perform this song and this one only at Tempe, AZ's Sun Devil Stadium in 1992. PE were opening for U2, along with the Sugarcubes. At the time Arizona was still besmirched with the horrible reputation of former governor Evan Mecham. In case you don't remember, Mecham gained infamy for opposing the Martin Luther King holiday. I was disappointed that PE performed just this song though as this was a close I would come to seeing PE live in its near heyday.

The Beatles - "Get Back": Paul McCartney owns (or use to own) a ranch on the Eastern outskirts of Tucson. Linda McCartney was a native of Tucson and influenced Paul's decision to own some land in this pristine and scenic desert area. Paul sightings weren't common though as I don't think he spent much time in town and his ranch was very remote. However, my dad was in a sporting goods store one day and happened to spot Paul standing next to him, purchasing tennis balls. That's a close as I'll probably ever come to experiencing Beatlemania. Yeah!

Linda Ronstadt - "Heat Wave": My mom went to high school with Linda. I guess she and my mom used to hang out at Linda's parent's house, a large mansion in the center of town. I'm not really familiar with Linda's music, but I do know she's a big fan of Mariachi music, so she's got that going for her.